How we work

Our funders, partners and supporters are critical to the work we do.

What we do

Working in partnership

Our relationships with other organisations are based on mutual trust and a shared commitment to the people we support. We have many well established networks with organisations and professionals across the sector, enabling us to lead and participate in integrated service delivery.

Financial supporters

The ongoing contributions and support from our diverse range of financial partners is vital to the wellbeing of our clients. We believe it is important to maintain a diverse and balanced portfolio of revenue sources. The Government funding we receive is balanced by financial support from individual donors, charitable trusts and foundations and private philanthropists.

Doing things differently

We have been investing in social enterprise businesses such as Taste Food Tours. This unique social enterprise helps to bridge cultural divides, develop local employment opportunities and generate income to reinvest into the community.

Social Benefit Bonds

In 2013 The Benevolent Society, in partnership with Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank, launched a $10 million Social Benefit Bond to fund Resilient Families – an intensive family support service.

The bond closed in September 2013 and the Resilient Families service started working with families the following month.

Click here for an update on our Social Benefit Bond and our Resilient Families Service.

Our people

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Funding overview

Find out where our funds come from, how they are spent and who we reach.

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Strategic goals

An overview of our strategic goals and organisational priorities.

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Notice of Employee Representational Rights
Notice of Employee Representational Rights