Walking Together

The Benevolent Society's vision for reconciliation is a journey of living, breathing and walking together to bridge the gap.


We're stronger together

Our Reconciliation Action Plan 2012-2015, Walking Together, is a key part in our vision for social change. It’s our core belief - by working together, we’re stronger together - and we can achieve something greater than we can achieve alone. Moreover, for us and for the communities we work with, reconciliation is a journey of healing that is essential for Australia to mature as a nation.

Walking Together is a culmination of 12 months of consultation with leaders in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, other not-for-profit organisations, Reconciliation Australia and our staff.

Walking Together reinforces our commitment to Australia's reconciliation process and maps out our own path to reconciliation over the next three years. It is firmly focused on building relationships, respect and opportunities. We have taken care to ensure that good intentions translate into practical strategies and actions that will make a real and measurable difference to the people who work with us, and the communities we support.

Our Plan for Reconcilation

Read our Reconciliation Action Plan "Walking Together".

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Walking Together

Caroline Glass-Pattison, Manager Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Development, talks about our Reconciliation Action Plan, 'Walking Together'.

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