Zoe's Story

Help a vulnerable child feel safe.

Zoe with her arms folded

Zoe* is just 10 years old. She loved school and was a keen reader, practicing each night by reading stories to her younger sister and brother.  Her mum and dad were so proud of her. 

But things didn’t go as planned for Zoe’s family. Zoe’s dad suffered a stroke and was unable to return to his job. It fell to Zoe’s mother to care for her husband and her children. But without her husband’s income the family was unable to meet their rent and bill payments. The load was simply too much for Zoe’s mum. Overwhelmed and isolated she slipped into depression. And as she declined so did Zoe. 

It was Zoe’s teacher that noticed the change in her. No longer an enthusiastic student, she began to miss class frequently. And when she did attend, she was dirty, hungry and tired. Shunned by her classmates Zoe’s future was uncertain. 

Like Zoe, there are many children in trauma affected families. Children who need your help.

Your donation could really help change a vulnerable child’s life this year.

What did we do to help?

With the help of The Benevolent Society, Zoe’s family is rebuilding their lives. Our supportive, integrated approach provides in-home respite care, counselling and high quality childcare to address the family’s challenges.  Zoe and her family are finally getting the help they need.

Zoe and her family are at the beginning of their road to recovery. With our help, Zoe’s school performance is improving and she is starting to enjoy life again.

It’s because of the  generosity of donors we can provide such life changing support to vulnerable children and their families to help them not only survive but thrive.

Don’t all children deserve to grow up feeling safe and secure?

With the correct support, children can start to feel safe again and enjoy their childhood. Please consider donating today. With your gift, we can be there when we’re needed to ensure children are not just surviving but thriving.

$25 gives families in trauma access to quality childcare and family support services
$50 provides respite to carers so they have an opportunity to rest and replenish their energy
$100 provides counselling sessions to children and families to help them recover from trauma

Make your donation today because every child deserves to feel safe.

*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the childand familyinvolved.

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