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Social Leadership Australia

Social Leadership Australia is changing the way people think about leadership and giving people the tools to make change on big social issues.

Community education

We've developed a range of resources to give people information about important issues affecting their lives, from fact sheets on searching records for people affected by adoption to practical guidance to ensure you control who makes decisions for you later in life.

Financial education

Our financial education programs and workshops help people make informed decisions about money. Saver Plus is a matched savings program that provides fun, informal workshops, budgeting tips and strategies, to help participants reach an education savings goal for themselves or their children. You can view other Saver Plus partners here and check your eligibilty to participate on the ANZ website.

Step into Work Program

This inspiring, free five-week course helps prepare people to find employment and further their careers. Step into Work is ideal for anyone preparing to re-enter the workforce after not having worked for many years, as well as anyone who has migrated to Australia and is seeking employment.

The practical and inspiring program helps participants overcome barriers to employment. Facilitated by professional experts in human resources/recruitment, stress management and coaching, it focusses on improving job seeking skills and building confidence. For more information on the course outline, structure and upcoming dates, please email us today!

Resources for professionals

Our practice resources keep practitioners up-to-date on new research. 

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