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'Who am I really?'

Who am I really?

‘Who am I really’ is a fifty minute documentary created by the Post Adoption Resource Centre to gain insight into the complex situation of late discovery adoption. This DVD is for anyone interested in late discovery adoption including adopted people, mothers, fathers and professionals.

Cost: $22.50 incl. GST & P + H within Australia

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'Why wasn't I told?'

Post Adoption Connections Meeting

‘Why wasn’t I told’ is a research document on search and reunion.
This document is for anyone affected by adoption.

Cost: $15.00 incl. GST & P + H within Australia

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'the colour of difference'

The Colour of Difference

‘the colour of difference’ book features accounts of the experience of cross-cultural adoption, by adopted people. These accounts are introduced by Sarah Armstrong, who introduces the project, the issues around cross-cultural adoption, themes arising through the first person accounts and provides statistics on the scale of cross-cultural adoption. This book is for anyone affected by inter-country or transracial adoption.

Cost: $29.95 incl. GST & P + H within Australia

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'A child to call my own'

A child to call my own

‘A child to call my own’ is a study document of adopted women and their experience of motherhood created for adopted people.

Cost: $15.00 incl. GST & P + H within Australia

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'The girl in the mirror'

The girl in the mirror

'The girl in the mirror' DVD features teenagers who tell their own stories, talking candidly about how they have made sense of being adopted. This DVD is for teenagers, their parents and professionals.

Cost: $27.50 incl. GST & P + H within Australia

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Information sheets

We have developed a range of adoption information sheets and guides which we encourage you to use and share.

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