Collective Impact

True collaboration can be challenging. Collective Impact assists large scale collaboration between diverse organisations to solve difficult social issues and achieve important social change.

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The Theory in Practice

Over the last decade, we have explored various ways of partnering to achieve social change. We have partnered with government agencies, other NGOs and community groups, and piloted an approach that empowers community members and treats them equally.

Many of our toughest challenges require us to work across sectors, values and cultures with people who have different norms, different assumptions and different ways of doing things.

Utilisation of the Collective Impact Framework is one way to achieve effective collaboration around an issue.    

Our own Social Leadership Australia has been developing people’s capability to lead collaboratively for over 15 years. Our approach is ideal for anyone leading Collective Impact because we understand that leadership is —by definition—the art of mobilising others to create new solutions to complex problems, over the long term. Find out more about Social Leadership Australia.

What is Collective Impact?

It’s a methodology (originally developed in the US)  for large scale collaboration between diverse organisations to solve difficult social issues and achieve important social change.

We know that the allure of the collaborative venture is strong. It promises so much:

  • better outcomes for clients
  • reform that sticks
  • innovation
  • better policy
  • lower costs

However, as those who have ‘been there, done that’ know, true collaboration can be challenging. That is why a proven framework is vital in providing the foundation and support systems to ensure success and sustainability.

Equally important is the capacity building that is required to assist in shifting behaviour and thinking.

Five conditions of Collective Impact

  • common agenda
  • shared measurement
  • mutually reinforcing activities
  • continuous communication
  • backbone support


The Benevolent Society is a research partner in the "Creating the Condition for Collective Impact: Transforming the Child-Serving System in Disadvantaged Communities" research project being lead by Griffith University.

Our teams are skilled in identifying readiness for Collective Impact within a community, and in facilitating the initial phase. We provide training, coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to practitioners and organisations. Find out more about our professional development services


Collective Impact July 2014

The Collective Impact Conference is an innovative, interactive opportunity for you to learn about the Collective Impact framework from world-class practitioners and international guest speakers.